1,2-Dicyanobenzene market to rise at 4.4% CAGR till 2027

2022-06-09 12:59:42 UTC | Chemicals & Advanced Materials
1,2-Dicyanobenzene market to rise at 4.4% CAGR till 2027
1,2-Dicyanobenzene, also known as o-phthalodinitrile, 1,2-benzenedicarbonitrile or phthalonitrile, is an organic compound with the formula C₆H₄(CN)₂. It is a derivative of benzene, containing two adjacent nitrile groups. 1,2-Dicyanobenzene is the precursor to phthalocyanine pigments. This compound is also used as intermediate for the synthesis of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemical intermediates, and phthalocyanines. The global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market is projected to expand at a CAGR of ~4.4 percent across the forecast period of 2021 - 2027, according to the latest edition of the Global 1,2-Dicyanobenzene Market Report.

The report provides in-depth analysis and insights regarding the current global market scenario, latest trends and drivers into global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market. It offers an exclusive insight into various details such as market size, key trends, competitive landscape, growth rate and market segments. This study also provides an analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the 1,2-dicyanobenzene industry.

This industry report offers market estimates and forecasts of the global market, followed by a detailed analysis of the application, and region. The global market for 1,2-dicyanobenzene can be segmented by application: agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes. 1,2-dicyanobenzene market is further segmented by region: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa (MEA), South America.

By application:
- agrochemicals
- pharmaceuticals
- dyes

By region:
- Asia-Pacific
- Europe
- North America
- Middle East and Africa (MEA)
- South America

The global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market is dominated by only a few participants including AlzChem Group AG, BASF SE, Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., among others.

Historical & Forecast Period
This research report provides analysis for each segment from 2017 to 2027 considering 2020 to be the base year.

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Scope of the Report
- To analyze and forecast the market size of the global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market.
- To classify and forecast the global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market based on application, region.
- To identify drivers and challenges for the global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market.
- To examine competitive developments such as mergers & acquisitions, agreements, collaborations and partnerships, etc., in the global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market.
- To identify and analyze the profile of leading players operating in the global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market.

Why Choose This Report
- Gain a reliable outlook of the global 1,2-dicyanobenzene market forecasts from 2021 to 2027 across scenarios.
- Identify growth segments for investment.
- Stay ahead of competitors through company profiles and market data.
- The market estimate for ease of analysis across scenarios in Excel format.
- Strategy consulting and research support for three months.
- Print authentication provided for the single-user license.