Empty Capsules Market News (2022 – 2028) | Industry Development, Insight, Significance

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Empty Capsules Market News (2022 – 2028) | Industry Development, Insight, Significance


Empty Capsules Market size is projected to reach USD 2250.6 Million in 2020 and expected to reach USD 3607.5 Million by 2027 with a CAGR of 7.30% over the forecast period.

A capsule is defined as a solid pharmaceutical dosage form, in which drugs or a combination of drugs are enclosed in a shell. Empty capsules are mostly recommended to store powders, drugs, and herbs. Capsules are easier to swallow as compared to tablets. It is used by pharmaceutical manufacturers to prepare different therapeutic drugs. Capsule shells are made of gelatin or non-gelatin material (such as pullulan, HPMC, and starch), which is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Hard gelatin capsules are widely available in the pharmaceutical industry and are composed of gelatin and purified water.

The growth of the global empty capsules market is majorly driven by the increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and gastrointestinal diseases; the rise in demand for gelatin capsules; increase in funding from private & government organizations for capsule manufacturing units; and rise in R&D activities for the development of therapeutic products, which are enclosed in capsules.

The COVID-19 outbreak is anticipated to have a negative impact on growth of the global empty capsules market. The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed healthcare systems in the world and increased the need for development of diagnostic instruments & treatment centers for human. Limited movements of goods and services and imposition of government regulation on the manufacturing sector negatively impact growth of the market. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world, including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Leading players involved in the Empty Capsules Market includes:

·         Capsugel

·         Qualicaps

·         Suheung

·         Medi-Caps

·         Capscanada

·         Roxlor

·         Bright Pharma Caps

·         Sunil Healthcare

·         Snail Pharma

·         ACG Worldwide

·         Erawat Group

·         Nectar Lifesciences Ltd

·         Shaoxing Kangke

·         Anhui Huangshan Capsule

Segmentation Of Empty Capsules Market:


In market segmentation by Type, Empty Capsules Market report covers:

·         Gelatin Capsule

·         Soft Gelatin Capsule (SGC)

·         Hard Gelatin Capsule (HGC)

·         Non-Gelatin Capsule

In market segmentation by Therapeutic Application, the Empty Capsules Market report covers:

·         Vitamin and Dietary Supplements

·         Antibiotic and Antibacterial Drug

·         Antacids and Anti-flatulent Preparation

·         Cardiac Therapy Drug

·         Other

The research provides a comprehensive overview of how the market operates and develops on a local and global scale. This study report is a compilation of all available data on market statistics during the last several years, as well as projections for the next years. It provides customers with in-depth analyses and well-organized descriptions of current market trends in order to help them make informed judgments. It includes the top companies in the global Empty Capsules market who are actively engaged and competing. Several corporations, manufacturers, suppliers, organizations, and other entities are involved.

Report Highlights:

·         A complete analysis of the market, including the parent industry

·         Important market dynamics and trends

·         Market segmentation

·         Historical, current, and projected size of the market based on value and volume

·         Market shares and strategies of key players

·         Recommendations to companies for strengthening their foothold in the market

IMR offers a comprehensive overview of the market through the analysis of key parameters such as revenue, price, competition, and promotions, as well as the study, synthesis, and summarization of data from different sources. It analyzes the leading industry drivers and shows numerous market components. The information offered is thorough, dependable, and the result of a comprehensive primary and secondary study. IMR market research reports offer a comprehensive global market as well as an in-depth strategic sourcing methodology and analysis based on qualitative and quantitative research to anticipate market growth.

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