Growing Recreational Cooking Trend Driving Demand for Charcoal

2022-05-02 10:36:41 UTC | Energy & Power
Growing Recreational Cooking Trend Driving Demand for Charcoal
The increasing awareness about a healthy lifestyle and changing food preferences of people are driving the consumption of grilled or barbecued food, thus propelling the demand for charcoal globally. A live cook setting, which complements the vibrant atmosphere created by great music, buffet, and an enticing drinks menu, is driving the footfall at barbecue restaurants, especially steakhouses. These places offer briskets, spare ribs, chicken thighs, and other popular and lesser-known cuts. 

Therefore, the increasing number of such restaurants in countries such as China and India is boosting the consumption of barbecued food. Moreover, this fuel is expected to replace coal in silicon production, supported by government regulations across the world, as charcoal is eco-friendly and has minimum carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, the charcoal market value is set to rise to $6,566.5 million by 2024. The growing popularity of barbecue is also the reason that among all types of charcoal, lump charcoal witnesses the highest sales around the world.

This kind burns more quickly and produces less ash, which makes it apt for open barbecue settings, such as picnics or rooftop dining venues. Additionally, it can achieve a higher temperature compared to the other charcoal types, which makes it perfect for grilling fat cuts of meat. In restaurants where quick service is prized, the food is generally cooked at high temperatures, which makes lump charcoal popular. This is also credited to the fact that among all applications, charcoal of all types is used the most for barbecue, as it, apart from cooking the food, enhances its flavor.

On the other hand, in the coming years, the MEA is expected to witness the fastest charcoal market growth. It is ascribed to the growing demand for it for barbecuing purposes, along with the increasing urbanization across the region. Further, the African continent is a major consumer of this material because of its rich barbecue culture, which is on full display in public parks over the weekend and during events such as cricket matches, especially in South Africa. Moreover, the fuel is a common source of energy in the cement production, power generation, and industrial manufacturing sectors in the country.

In this regard, North America is another major consumer of charcoal because it has perhaps the most-vibrant barbecue culture in the world. There are several types of barbecue in the U.S. itself, including the Kansas and Texas styles. Although hickory and applewood are the most-popular fuels for grills, charcoal is gaining popularity as wood is a highly polluting material when burned. The region already has a high prevalence of lung cancer, which is why the focus on reducing air pollution here is strengthening.

Therefore, people are preferring charcoal as it is eco-friendly and a popular choice of fuel for grilling, barbecuing, and smoking meats.