Heated Tobacco Products Market 2022 Growth Opportunities, Top Players, Regions, Application, And Forecast To 2030

2022-09-14 07:26:47 UTC | Consumer Goods & Services
Heated Tobacco Products Market 2022 Growth Opportunities, Top Players, Regions, Application, And Forecast To 2030

Heated Tobacco Products Market is presently worth USD 12.48 billion and is poised to amplify at a CAGR of 32.8%, thereby amassing a valuation of USD 120.76 billion by end of the assessment timeframe.

The demand for smoke-free products has grown in all regions of the world. The cost of heat-not-burn cigarettes, cigars, and capsules is generally lower than that of traditional tobacco products. Heat-not-burn tobacco products are an affordable substitute for traditional cigarettes in nations that have increased their tariffs on them. One of the major drivers of the expansion of the market for heat-not-burn tobacco products is the cost-effectiveness of these products.

Compared to the offline distribution route, the internet distribution channel is growing more quickly. The availability of a variety of heat-not-burn tobacco products from different brands on e-commerce platforms is one of the main factors contributing to this channel's success. The sale of e-cigarettes, including heat-not-burn tobacco products, is anticipated to increase significantly through this channel during the projected period as a result of the expanding trend of online retailing. Additionally, e-commerce platforms provide individualised buying assistance and product recommendations based on the product's design, size, and ability to expel nicotine during smoking. As a result, consumers are increasingly choosing online stores to buy goods like heat-not-burn tobacco products.

The market is anticipated to attract investments from international manufacturers due to the minimal risks and high demand. Additionally, it is projected that the industry will develop thanks to the FDA's (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and similar regulatory agencies in Europe and Asia's ease of approval. For instance, the FDA granted Philip Morris International Inc. permission to sell heated tobacco products in the United States in 2018. The market is expanding as a result of growing cigarette and tobacco production restrictions in several nations, as well as increased consumer awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use. But it's projected that the growing popularity of e-cigarettes will impede market expansion. Since these cigarettes don't contain tobacco, they are thought to be less dangerous, which will increase demand for them.

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Segmentation Analysis of Global heated tobacco products market:

Based on product type

Based on distribution channel

Europe is expected to hold the largest market share

North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa are the major regions constituting the geographical landscape of Global heated tobacco products market. Europe dominates the market with the largest market share among others.

Key players:

The Key players in the Global heated tobacco products market are Philips Morris International, Japan Tobacco International, and British American Tobacco.

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