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2022-04-27 14:10:52 UTC | Information & Communication Technology
Intel Corp Analysis & Company Information - GlobalData

Intel Corp (Intel) designs and develops technology products and components. The company’s product portfolio comprises microprocessors, chipsets, embedded processors and microcontrollers, flash memory, graphic, network and communication, and conferencing. It also offers processors, chipsets, motherboards, solid state drives, server products, wireless connectivity products and software and applications.

Intel key highlights:

6 key highlights from Intel

  1. Innovation Leaders in Process and Packaging
  2. Diverse Architectures. Unprecedented Choice.
  3. Redefining the Memory and Storage Hierarchy
  4. Interconnect at Hyperscale
  5. Security Built on a Foundation of Trust
  6. Unified Software. Exponential Innovation.

SWOT analysis:
Intel Corp (Intel) designs and manufactures advanced integrated device platforms. Liquidity position, R&D, and network and supply chain are the company's major strengths, even as concentrated customer base remains a major cause for concern. Cloud computing market, mobile 5G commercialization market, IDM 2.0 Strategy, and acquisitions are likely to provide growth opportunities to the company. However, foreign exchange fluctuations, privacy risks, and intense competition could affect its business operations.