Salatrim Market Analysis, Key Company Profiles, Types, Applications and Forecast to 2030

2022-09-12 11:20:56 UTC | Food & Beverages
Salatrim Market Analysis, Key Company Profiles, Types, Applications and Forecast to 2030

Salatrim Market valued at US $3.5 Billion in 2022 is expected to grow at CAGR of 4.6% and reach a value of US $9.1 Billion in 2030.

Short and long chain acyl triglyceride molecules make up salatrim, which has fewer calories and is primarily made of short chain fatty acids and stearic acid. The gastrointestinal tract absorbs stearic acid at a slower rate. Salatrim is advertised as a fat substitute, low-calorie, and low-fat food. Salatrim has gained acceptance throughout the world and is regarded as safe to eat. An increase in body fat causes difficulties with the heart, liver, and blood sugar as well as other organs, which contributes to a rise in health issues. People are resorting to dietary goods as the population's rate of obesity rises. Given that it is one of the most popular products on the market, this fat substitute will have a positive effect on the food business.

Salatrim is a fat substitute that has a wide range of uses in the food business. For those on a diet to lose weight, it is helpful. It serves as an alternative to nutritious foods in the food sector. People are becoming more health concerned as a result of rising living standards. They are choosing healthier eating options while avoiding oils, fats, sugar, sweets, and other baked goods. Consuming food products containing salatrim reduces a person's appetite and aids in weight loss.

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Segmental Analysis Of Salatrim Market:

Based On Nature:



Based On Application:



         Dietary Food Products

         Frozen Food

         Dairy Products

The companies in frozen food products and dairy industry have a big opportunity for this market as these products are high in fat content. The market for bakery products, sweets, and dessert items, and confectionery is anticipated to witness growth. Salatrim is a flavorless product so it does not change the taste and flavors of a food item and so it can be easily added to all food products.

Global Salatrim Market: Competitive Landscape

The key players operating in the salatrim market are Archer Daniels Midland Company, FMC Corporation Ltd., PGP Internationals, TIC Gums Inc, Penford Corporation Ltd., Grain Processing Corporation (USA), and Advanced Food Systems Inc. As salatrim is considered safe for human consumption and provided with scientific B grade a lot of regional players are expected to enter in the market and is expected to make the market more competitive, resulting in scale-up of the salatrim market over the forecast period.

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