Wheat Protein Market 2022 Forecast till 2028 by Top Major Players | Cargill (US) Batory Foods (US)

2022-07-18 05:50:41 UTC | Food & Beverages
Wheat Protein Market 2022 Forecast till 2028 by Top Major Players | Cargill (US)  Batory Foods (US)

According to this latest study, the growth in Wheat Protein Market size is projected to reach USD 2.7 Billion by 2027 from an estimated USD 2.2 Billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 3.3% globally.

Wheat is one of the popular and important cereal crops globally concerning production and consumption. It is a rich source of energy, protein, and dietary fiber in human nutrition and animal feeding. In addition, it offers approximately one-fifth of the total calorific input of the global population. Currently, around 95% of the wheat grown globally is hexaploidy bread wheat, with most of the remaining 5% being tetraploid durum wheat. Furthermore, mature wheat grains hold 8% to 20% proteins. Wheat proteins contain high complexity and various interactions with each other, hence making them difficult to characterize. Generally, they are categorized according to their solubility. Following the sequential Osborne extraction procedure, glutenin, albumins, gliadins, and globulins are isolated. An alternative classification to that described has been proposed based on constitution and structure rather than solubility. It is required for bread and noodle-making owing to wheat protein creates an elastic texture to achieve a high level of dough strength. Moreover, wheat proteins help to provide the body with essential amino acids that it cannot synthesize on its own. Beyond nutrition, these affordable, plant-sourced proteins cater to functional benefits, yet their neutral flavor profile makes them easy to incorporate into a variety of food and animal feed systems which would help to increase the wheat protein market during the forecast period.

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This report is an exhaustive study of Wheat Protein market by analyzing its various segments on a regional level to provide a clear view of how these segments are performing in different parts of the world. The research methodology used to estimate and forecast the size of these segments on both a global and regional level includes various secondary sources such as company annual reports, press releases, government publications, industry journals, trade associations, and statistical databases among others.

The Major Players in the Wheat Protein Market Include:

Cargill (US),Batory Foods (US),Agrana (Austria),Kröner-Stärke (Germany),Manildra Group (Australia),Tate & Lyle (UK),Roquette (France),Crespel & Deiters (Germany),MGP Ingredients (US),PureField Ingredients (US),Tereos Syral (France),CropEnergies (Germany),ADM (US),Kerry Group (Ireland),BENEO (Germany),Glico Nutrition (Japan),Agridient Inc (US),AMCO Proteins (US),Gluten y Almidones Industriales (Mexico),Others

Segmentation of Wheat Protein market:

By Type:

·         Wheat Protein Isolate

·         Wheat Gluten

·         Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

·         Textured Wheat

·         And Others

 By Applications :       

·         Animal Feed

·         Bakery & Confectionery

·         Cosmetics & Personal Care

·         Nutrition Supplements

·         Dairy Products

·         Nutritional Bars & Drinks

·         Processed Meat

·         Meat Analogs

·         And Others

Geographic Segment Covered in the Report

·         North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico)

·         Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Rest of Europe)

·         Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Rest of APAC)

·         Middle East & Africa (GCC Countries, South Africa, Rest of MEA)

·         South America (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America)

Knowing market share in the base year provides you an idea of the competition and size of the suppliers. It reflects the market's fragmentation, accumulation, dominance, and amalgamation features. The Competitive Scenario provides an outlook study of the suppliers' various industry growth plans. This section's news provides vital insights at various stages while keeping up with the industry and engaging players in the economic discussion. Merger & Acquisition, Collaboration, Partnership, Agreement, Investment & Funding, New Product Launch & Enhancement, Recognition, Rewards & Expansion are the categories that the competitive scenario represents. All of the research data collected helps the vendor identify market gaps as well as competitor weaknesses and strengths, helping them to better their service and product.

Covid-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis on Industry:

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on several industry verticals globally. To constrain the number of cases and slow the coronavirus spread, various public health guidelines were implemented in different countries across the globe. COVID-19 protocols ranging from declaring national emergency states, enforcing stay-at-home orders, closing nonessential business operations and schools, banning public gatherings, imposing curfews, distributing digital passes, and allowing police to restrict citizen movements within a country, as well as closing international borders. With the growing vaccination rate, governments are uplifting the protocols to give a boost to the stagnant economy. Like other industries, Wheat Protein   Market have experienced slowdown the growth, however market is expected bounce back as restrictions are being lifted up by governments across the globe. 

Reasons to Purchase this Market Report:

·         Market forecast analysis through recent trends and SWOT analysis

·         Wheat Protein Market Dynamics Scenarios with Market Growth Opportunities over the Next Year

·         Market segmentation analysis, including qualitative and quantitative studies that include economic and non-economic impacts

·         Wheat Protein Market Regional and country-level analysis that integrates demand and supply forces that impact the growth of the market.

·         Competitive environment related to the Wheat Protein market share for key players, along with new projects and strategies that players have adopted over the past five years

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