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Press Release Box has a dedicated editorial team that would be more than happy to assist you in composing the perfect press release.
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Press Release Box’s homepage can house 10 of our latest articles. Your press release will be present on our welcome page until it is replaced by the subsequent 10 newer releases. On an average your press release will remain on our homepage anywhere between 48 and 72 hours depending on the traffic. But worry not as your article will remain within our database for as long as you deem necessary.

Our desire to provide smaller enterprises and start-ups with a platform to reach out to larger audiences and gain significant exposure has allowed us to keep our publishing charges free.

Absolutely, we are more than happy to assist you in placing ads for your company on and help you set up dedicated marketing campaigns on our platform. Please, get in touch with us:

Tip#1: Your press release should meet Google’s content factors such as 110 characters in the headlines and at least 80 words in each paragraph.
Tip#2: The keywords in your headlines and content has to be precise and suitable to ensure it gets picked up by the Google News algorithm.
Tip#3: The more original, relevant, and trending your content is, the more likely it is to be picked up by Google News.