Acadecraft excelled in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Accessibility is entering the modern twenty-first century with a rising focus on inclusivity and diversity in different content types. It is much more than a moral obligation and hence businesses are looking forward to investing in the leading accessibility standards to prevent legal implications. However, it is not easy for businesses to shift their focus to accessibility apart from daily operations. Thanks to leading companies like Acadecraft, it is easy for businesses to excel in the leading accessibility standards. The professional team of Acadecraft offers dedicated 508 compliance services with different accessibility standards to help businesses ensure that their focus is equal on accessibility and dedicated operations.

When asked for the top two accessibility standards, it is hard to miss compliance with section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act ensures that federal agencies must focus on the accessibility of their digital assets. While these standards were earlier for the federal agencies, these are now adopted by the different private agencies for improving their content accessibility and diversity. The dedicated web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) help businesses ensure that websites, applications, and other digital assets are highly accessible for people suffering from different impairments. Excelling in the 508 compliances and WCAG standards requires a combination of action, understanding, and commitment.

Acadecraft brings the different section 508 compliance services to clients with dedicated commitment from leadership. The success of the accessibility initiatives is now dependent on the understanding of the leaders to start from the top to understand the accessibility compliances. The importance of accessibility and its smooth integration into the different organizational operations with a strict focus on the organizational culture, resource allocation, and reflection into the policies. Acadecraft’s professionals further focus on comprehensive training for employees on different accessibility aspects like best practices, guidelines, and standards. It helps ensure that the teams behind the web testing, design, content creation, and web development are trained for a quick understanding of the accessible digital content and products. 

Acadecraft’s experts ensure that the accessibility initiatives should be smoothly integrated into the early stages of digital asset design and development. Hence, the dedicated accessibility experts of the team focus on considering accessibility standards for continuous development at an initial stage only. This proactive approach to accessibility helps businesses save the valuable time and resources required for retrofitting the existing accessibility issues. The easy accessibility audits and testing by Acadecraft help businesses identify possible accessibility issues with automation testing, manual testing, and user testing. 

Not to miss are the key offerings of Acadecraft’s 508 compliance consulting solutions ensuring dedicated accessibility documentation, reporting, and engagement with people suffering from different impairments.

About Acadecraft:

Acadecraft is an ISO-certified company that offers online content solutions to businesses by empowering them. The company delivers high-quality e-learning services to domestic and international clients. It provides a range of services, including Content Development Services for K-12 and Higher Education, Accessibility Services, Copyediting and Proofreading, Typesetting, Voiceover, Dubbing, and Translation Services.

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Company Name: Acadecraft Inc.


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