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The Tunes Club is a real spotify promotion with years of experience. Now it is offering its effective and affordable services, helping artists can grow expeditiously.

The Tunes Club is one of the most reliable names in the industry of Spotify music promotion. The company has been serving in the industry for several years and has worked with various big shots of the music industry. Gaining experience and real marketing knowledge along the way, the company is now offering its promotional services to artists who want to shine brighter amidst the insanely competitive music industry. Spotify is the biggest music streaming company in the world and with everyone being on the internet 24*7, it offers artists more visibility than ever! However, because of the availability, the competition is also higher than ever on streaming services, especially on Spotify. This is why The Tunes Club is offering effective promotional campaigns, making its clients more visible and increasing their stream counts.

With The Tunes Club, artists can get real spotify promotion at a reasonable range so that any artist with even a little marketing budget can afford it. Whether the artist is trying to gain more popularity in the music industry or is an aspiring artist who is trying to get a name in the world of music, the company is here to serve them all. One of the most common reasons behind the company’s acceptance and acclaim in the market is its prices. Now clients can avail themselves of promotional campaigns and packages even if they don’t have huge marketing budgets. The company promotes submitting music to curated Spotify playlists. At the same time to strengthen the campaigns even more, it uses both social media and content marketing.

The website of The Tunes Club offers a total of four packages from which the artists can pick and choose according to their requirements. The first package is called the ‘Spotify Marketing Package’ where artists can promote one Spotify track that will be added to more than 60 curated Spotify playlists. The track will be promoted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to more than 100k followers, and create social media buzz. The second package is called the ‘Spotify Promotion Pack’ which lets artists promote a total of 2 tracks at the same time. This package will promote the songs and add them to over 90 curated Spotify playlists. Getting this package will ensure to bring around 7000-7500 listeners and the target audience will be set according to the tracks that are being campaigned. Apart from the organic growth of the Spotify tracks, this package will also provide clients with a Paid Press Release Distribution, further strengthening the promotion.

The third package is called the ‘Spotify Marketing Pro Pack’ where the clients will be able to promote 3 tracks at the same time to 120+ curated Spotify Playlists. Getting this package will bring up to 10,000-11,000 listeners along with complete online engagement. This package will also set the target audience according to the music and its genre, making sure that the results are authentic. To further make the campaign stronger, this package comes with a Paid Press Release Distribution and Music Blog. The last package is called the ‘Spotify Promotion Pro Pack’ where the artists can add a total of 4 tracks and promote them at the same time. This package will add the tracks to more than 180 specially curated Spotify playlists which will bring up to 14,000-15,000 listeners along with complete online engagement. This package also comes with a Paid Press Release Distribution, Music Blog, and one Artist Review, further strengthening the campaign.

These four packages are all priced at extremely reasonable amounts, making it easier for artists with lower marketing budgets to access and get organic growth. The Tunes Club makes sure every artist gets the same opportunity to shine and make a place for themselves in this highly competitive industry. At the end of the campaign, every artist also receives a complete report, detailing the requirements and results. Now don’t lose this opportunity to work with The Tunes Club and experience an authentic increase in visibility, reach, and followers.

About the company:

The Tunes Club is one of the most trusted companies in the market of Spotify marketing, offering genuine services at an affordable price. Know more details at: https://www.thetunesclub.com/.

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